Welcome! Thank you for joining me in my journey to share everything that I learn at the feet of Jesus! The Young Ambassadors Ministry was born out of the burden I have to grow as a disciple, make disciples, and to teach others about the Lord Jesus so that you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ, might be encouraged and strengthened in your faith! This is the first faithful step I’m taking to heed that call, and therefore the birth of this ministry!

I came to genuine faith in Jesus Christ when I was 14, and my life has never been the same since! I know what it’s like to not have a sense of purpose, to be afraid of the future and how I’m gonna make it work, to be afraid of dying. I used to live purely for the world right in front of me, but now I live for God’s supernatural mission and Kingdom! But most of all, as I’ve grown in spiritual maturity and knowledge, I’ve had the unshakeable desire to be a disciple-maker, a teacher, and an encourager for the Kingdom. Recently, the Lord has reminded me that I can’t “neglect the gift that was given to you by prophecy when the elders laid hands on you” (yes, strangers have actually given me confirmation about my calling from the Lord!).

Look guys, our generation is one that doesn’t want pomp, or show, or dead religion, but truly wants to see the power of God transform lives, and see the Body of Christ operating the way it’s supposed to! Our King is raising us up to be the people that prepares the world for His return, and I want to do my part in that by sharing what the Master gives to me, in the hopes that it will inspire all who read to find the strength to go deeper with Him yourself, and to use the gifts He’s given to you as a member of His Body to do the same for others. Have questions about Scripture or spiritual matters? I’ll do my best to help answer them! Need personal encouragement, prayer, or advice? I’m available to share what I have! Need help getting in the habit of spending time with Jesus through the Word? Let’s grow as disciples together!

I pray that you guys find this to be a service to your walks with the Lord, and hopefully even feel called to join this good work with me! But more importantly, I want you guys to be awakened to the plans the Father has for you!

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