Devotional Thought 85: Tattoo God

Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely she may forget, yet I will not forget you. See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are always before Me.

Isaiah 49:15-16

When Jesus and the gang get caught in a storm out at sea, they panic and frantically wake Jesus up to save them, much to His annoyance. Nevertheless, He calms the storm with a word, and they are left amazed. When they get to the other side, they encounter two demon-possessed men, whom Jesus heals by sending the demons into a herd of nearby pigs. When the citizens of the city came and saw Jesus, they panic and frantically tell Jesus to go away, so He obliges and leaves. But, when they come to Capernaum, we see a different story. The people there bring Jesus a paralyzed man, and Jesus takes note of their faith as He forgives the man of his sin and heals him physically as proof! After a small scat with the religious leaders, the people are awe-struck and praise God for the things Jesus is doing!

The opposite of faith is not doubt, it’s fear. If faith is confident trust based on God’s character, then fear is what happens when we’re disconnected from God’s heart. In all three of those miracles of Jesus, only one time was faith chosen over fear, and it was there that God was glorified by the people! The apostle Peter tells believers that they are to live in this world in such a way that unbelievers can’t help but give glory to God, and I can’t help but think that it’s a life of radical faith in God that might accomplish that the best (1 Peter 2:11-17)!

What a testimony it would be to the world if we lived as though there is a God who has tattoo’d our names onto His very hands (Isaiah 49:15-16)! What a message it would speak if we lived by faith in a God who will give us whatever we ask according to His will (Mark 11:22, 24)! Living in confident trust that shows itself in real, tangible ways sets the stage for God to glorify Himself through us!

  • Church, foreigners and strangers in this world, live in such a way that the people around us can’t help but wonder, and glorify God because of us. Live as though your truly believe God will never forget you, that your name is tattoo’d on His hand because of His intense love for you! Don’t make decisions out of fear, worry, or uncertainty, but in the bold confidence that you are seen, known, and cared for by the Father.
  • If you ever need proof that you are in God’s hands, remember the scars, the gaping holes that are still on them. Those are for you.

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