Devotional Thought 60: Advocate (His Grace, Our Righteousness)

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth go before Your face.

(Psalm 89:14)

This week, following the theme of Priesthood, we’re gonna be looking at what it truly means for Jesus Christ to be our High Priest, our Mediator and Intercessor! There’s some radical, controversial, yet sweet truth the Holy Spirit is showing us here, so let’s roll! Yes, we’re STILL here, folks. God won’t let me get away from this.

As Jesus is on the move, He and His disciples cross the Sea of Galilee in a boat and get caught in a storm. The disciples fearfully cry out for Jesus to rescue them, and He responds by calming the storm with a command, causing them to wonder who this Man is. Once they get to land, they encounter two men controlled by demons who cower before Jesus, begging for mercy. When they recognize Him as the Son of God, He casts them out into a nearby herd of pigs with a command, healing the two men and terrifying the people of that land. They return to Capernaum, home base, and a paralyzed man is brought before Jesus. Not only does Jesus forgive the man’s sin, He proves it to the religious leaders by miraculously healing him too, calling Himself the Son of Man!

God is transcendent, meaning He is beyond anything or anyone else there is, infinitely higher than any created thing. However, He’s also immanent, personally involved in His creation: He controls and guides the natural forces of the universe, He sustains all of existence, and He takes great interest in human affairs. All of this He does with justice, righteousness and compassion. Over and over again in the Bible, we see God’s people praising Him for judging them with compassion and goodness. In Psalm 135, Israel is commanded to praise God for using His infinite power to do good in their midst, and shower His lovingkindness on His servants!

This God is fully revealed in Jesus the Messiah (John 1:1, 18)! He commanded nature, had authority over demons, forgave sin, and physically healed people, all with just the power of His word! But more importantly, He did all those things to heal, deliver and bless those who cried out to Him; He used His sovereign power as God to do justice, righteousness and mercy! All throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus doing things that only God can do, saying things only God can rightly say, yet He always does it for the benefit of those around Him. As the Son of God and Son of Man, Messiah has the power of God, and uses that power in goodness and mercy.

We, too, are called to righteousness and justice. When Paul is writing to the Corinthians, he tells them how much more glorious the new covenant is from the old covenant, saying that when someone turns to Jesus, the spiritual veil that blinded them is lifted by the Spirit, and they’re able to see His glory through the Gospel! When this happens, His glory transforms them into its image, from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:7-18). Friends, when we stop and take time to behold the glory of our sovereign, righteous God in the face of Jesus, we will start to be transformed into His likeness, using the power we have from His Spirit to do justice and righteousness!

  • God rules and has sovereign control over His creation, physical and spiritual, with justice and righteousness. This sovereign, good God is manifested in the Person of Jesus Christ, who used His divine power to heal, deliver, and do good to others! In the same way, His Spirit clothes us with supernatural power, and transforms our hearts to be like His. In Christ, we have the ministry of righteousness, the calling to justice and compassion.

Now I saw Heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.

(Revelation 19:11)

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