Devotional Thought 41: Mightier Than The Sword

By his Divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the One who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence. And because of His glory and excellence, He has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share His Divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires. (2 Peter 1:3-4)

As Passover approaches, the religious leaders are looking for a way to get rid of Jesus. Fortunately for them, Satan influences Judas to find them, willing to help by looking for ways he can betray Jesus to them. Fast-forward to Passover evening, Jesus sends Peter and John to find a place where they can all celebrate together. As they wonder where they could find such a place in crowded Jerusalem, Jesus tells them that they’ll see a man carrying a pitcher of water (a strange sight since that was something women normally did), and if they followed him to his house, he would show them a large, furnished upper room for them to use. When they went out, it was exactly as Jesus said! So they went and prepared for Passover.

Judas is portrayed as Jesus’ foil here: while he’s deceitfully sneaking around and looking to betray Jesus, Jesus speaks perfectly to Peter and John, assuring them that they’ll find exactly what they needed, and it worked out exactly as He said. This is a perfect illustration of a fundamental truth: God’s Word is faithful and true, equipping us with everything we need for life in Christ! Just as Jesus’ words proved trustworthy as He provided for Peter and John’s search, and how God’s word to Elijah about His provision during the drought proved true again and again (see 1 Kings 17), the Holy Spirit speaks to us faithfully and truthfully through the Bible, allowing us to know God through His Son Jesus Christ, which gives us access to every spiritual blessing, promise, and resource we need for living the Kingdom life. In an age where we are constantly tempted to doubt and trust our own intellect rather than God’s wisdom, we are reminded that He has equipped us with a rock-solid foundation to stand on in life.

Of course, there are a thousand and one interpretations and opinions on the nature of the Bible and whether it speaks truthfully on many topics. The fact of the matter is that the underlying core of Scripture is the Gospel; everything in the Bible points to Jesus Christ and His work on our behalf. (Hebrews 1:1-3) When it comes to controversial topics such as evolution or predestination, our focus shouldn’t be on apologetic arguments for the sake of argument (1 Timothy 1:4), nor intellectual debates whereby we squeeze into the world’s mold for what is considered acceptable and wise (1 Corinthians 1:18-25). If any discussions such as these are brought up, it should be in relation to how it affects the Gospel; whether it’s something that should be defended and upheld as sound doctrine or given a degree of liberty among brothers and sisters. As Rupertus Meldenius said, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.

It seems like, in our modern age, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to disregard or do away with sound teaching and doctrine for the sake of “love”. Because we want to avoid offending people and seeming politically incorrect in the eyes of the world, we’ve bent and folded in tolerance and called it love. The truth of the Bible, however, is that Christ-like love will speak the truth despite the difficulty it poses. It’s not aggressively forcing Jesus on others, nor is it throwing away truth for tolerance, it’s building genuine relationships with people that allow you to witness to the truth of the Gospel in love! Sound biblical teaching and correction is very important, and should come from a heart that seeks the spiritual wellbeing of the people it preaches to. (Titus 1:5-16)(James 3:1)

  • In our intimate knowledge of the Father and Jesus Christ through the Bible, which is trustworthy and true, we have been supplied with every blessing, promise, and necessity we need for life and godliness! Through God’s inspired, infallible, sufficient Word, we are equipped with all we need for a relationship with God through the Messiah Jesus! It’s important, then, that we uphold and stand for the integrity and truth of Scripture, not being drawn away by “empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking…” (Colossians 2:8).

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

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