Devotional Thought 25: Lambs Among Wolves

Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves. (Luke 10:3)

As Jesus is making His way to Jerusalem, He sends out 70 of His disciples to go before Him, and prepare all the cities that are along the way for His arrival. He prepares them for their ministry by telling them that He’s sending them out in vulnerability and dependence on Him; as lambs among wolves. He instructs them on how to go about their preaching, and sends them out. When they return, Jesus rejoices with them, and thanks the Father for hiding His identity from the wise and arrogant, and revealing it to the childlike.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a little while. That’s because I returned to Olivet Nazarene University for my junior year of college, and it’s been a difficult adjustment, trying to stay focused on the Word when my schedule got so full so fast! It’s been eating me up inside to know that my daily time with Jesus is so strained and lacking, and that I haven’t been consistently filling myself with His Word like I have been this summer, especially when I’m interacting with so many different people and battling such strong temptations! And today, Jesus comforted me in my worry and stress with this word: Behold, I send you out as a lamb among wolves. But remember that I am Christ, the Messiah, your Fountain of Living Water when you thirst, the One who has power over life and death, and the King who rules in the midst of My enemies.

The same way Jesus sent out His disciples to prepare the different cities for His arrival, He has sent us out to prepare the world for His arrival through our preaching, teaching, and healing in His name. But we are sent out as lambs among wolves in this world, surrounded by the forces of Satan and bombarded by daily life. As citizens of the Kingdom who are rooted in Jesus Christ, we must remember who He is as we’re out here in the battlefield: He is our Source of life and refreshment when we thirst, our Power to trample on serpents and scorpions when the enemy comes at us, our Companion who clings to us when it feels like our grip on Him is loosening.

  • If you’re like me, feeling like a helpless sheep among the predators of busyness, temptation, persecution, etc., remember who your Foundation is, and run to Him. If you’re thirsty, He’ll give you Living Water to drink; if you’re weak, He’ll supply you with power to overcome the enemy. Where have you been planted in the world to prepare it for Jesus’ return, and how can you lean on Him to help you do that?

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