Devotional Thought 20: Radiant

Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. (Matthew 13:43)

After Jesus finishes speaking to the huge crowd of people, He returns to Capernaum, His “home base” during His ministry in Galilee. While He’s there, a Roman soldier hears about Jesus, and sends Jewish elders to Him in the hopes that He might heal his dying servant, whom he loved deeply. Seeing the soldier’s faith and compassion for his servant, He heals him. Jesus then heads into the city of Nain, where He sees a widow mourning over the death of her only son. He’s moved with compassion, and raises her son from the dead, causing everyone around to fear and glorify God, spreading the news about Him all over.

We as believers have an incredible promise to look forward to: when Jesus returns to judge the world and set up His Kingdom, He will transform our earthly bodies into spiritual resurrection bodies, and cause us to shine with the very glory of God, just like Him! But, there’s actually a way we can live this out in the present. Not only do we have the future promise of shining with the glory of God, that’s our mission right now, to radiate the glory of God in the world. How do we do that? Jesus used His power and authority to love and be compassionate towards others: He healed a dying servant, who was very dear to the centurion, and comforted a woman who’d lost her husband and only son by raising him to life, causing everyone to glorify and worship God. In other words, Jesus was radiating the glory of God in the world by doing good works for the Kingdom in love!

As citizens of the Kingdom and representatives of King Jesus, our job is to be fruitful and use our spiritual resources for the benefit of others, so that they can see the glory and love of God in and through us. The Lord has equipped us with spiritual gifts, resources, His Word, and His Holy Spirit to use for this mission! So although we will certainly shine like the sun literally in the Kingdom, we are being called to shine spiritually in this world by living in love and service to others.

  • We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. The Lord has given us full access to His presence, and tells us to come boldly with our requests at all times for others and ourselves! He gave us the authority to be His messengers of hope, truth, love, and grace to the world, and gave us His Spirit so we had the power and guidance to do it. He’s blessed us with Scripture and promises to help us learn and understand it, and He’s given us a community to encourage and help us along the way. We were left here to be His hands and feet, and the place where people encounter Yeshua, so let’s live that identity out.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. (Matthew 6:16)

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