Devotional Thought 13: Pressed For Time

But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

The first half of Luke 3 is about the ministry of John the Baptist. John’s entire ministry revolved around preparing Israel, who hadn’t heard from the Lord in over 400 years, for the coming of the Messiah; the Lord Himself! He did this by leading a revival movement, calling all of Israel to repent and renew their devotion and passion for the Lord and His Covenant, and to proclaim it publicly through baptism. But that’s not enough. John tells them that true repentance is shown in the way they live, and relying on their heritage as Jewish people wouldn’t work; their faith had to be genuine, like Abraham’s was. All of this, John’s entire ministry, was because Someone much greater than him was coming, the Judge who would baptize the faithful into His family through the Holy Spirit and gather them as His own, and condemn the wicked to eternal judgement, baptizing them in fire.

John preached so urgently because time was running out! The Messiah, the Ruler and Judge of humanity, was coming soon, so the time for Israel to stop what they were doing and straighten out was right now!

My Psalm for the day, Psalm 90, is all about how fleeting and mortal mankind is in comparison to the Eternal God. Verse 12 says “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” The message of John is still true today for everyone: Our time is short! We are only a breath, here one day and gone the next. If that’s the case (and it is), then wisdom means numbering our days, not letting even one be lost. The time to repent and bear fruit is now! We’re not promised tomorrow, and Jesus is retuning soon, so we need to make our top priority seeking God’s rule over our lives, and living according to His will more than anything else. (Matthew 6:33) This is both an encouraging wake up call of revival for believers, and a convicting call to faith for unbelievers.

For me, since I recently stumbled and slipped up in sin, this word was a powerful encouragement for me not to waste time wallowing in it and letting it slow me down, but to quickly get back in the game and be urgent about seeking the Kingdom again.

  • For all my brothers and sister in Christ reading this, today is the day. Not tomorrow, not next week. Don’t let today be wasted, because our days are short; make today count by repenting and asking the Lord to fill you with His Spirit again, so you can seek His rule and righteousness in your life! Get urgent and serious about your faith, because the clock is ticking. For those who don’t know Christ, their time is short as well! Jesus made a way for salvation, and any who don’t take it will suffer, and for nothing! They have the free gift of redemption right in front of them! So let’s get serious about witnessing to them in Jesus’ name!

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