Spiritual Gifts: Service/Ministry

The Greek word “diakonia” is the root word from which we get “deacon”, so that already might give you some insight into what this spiritual gift is all about. Their are certain people in the Church who just love helping out wherever they can, even if it’s not in the spotlight, so to speak. They have a servant’s heart, and are very content with helping others with more practical needs so that they’re free to use their gifts to the fullest. This is the essence of the spiritual gift of serving!

The best example in Scripture of this gift in action is in Acts 6, where the 12 apostles are focusing on witnessing and teaching the Gospel, and can’t keep up with the growing practical demands of the growing Church. So, they ask for 7 Spirit-filled, wise men to be chosen for the task of watching over the distribution of food and goods so that they would be free to do their ministry. While all believers are called to be servants, those who are gifted in serving have a particular affinity for helping out, ministering to others wherever they’re needed, and being content with knowing that their contributions, though small, will bless the community either way.

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